Becoming a Sponsor

The Stepping High Festival is Jamaica’s first and longest-running ganja festival.

Your sponsorship of the Stepping High Festival supports an authentic Jamaican event dedicated to the development and continued growth of Jamaica’s artisanal cannabis industry and the impact on local and worldwide communities. The health and wellness industry, reggae music, agricultural, and social entrepreneurship.


The festival consist of four main areas: Exhibition, Education,  Entertainment and Experiential. 

These spaces are for presenting brands, speakers, and artists alike.


EDUCATION:  Forums, Discussions, and Workshops.


ENTERTAINMENT:  Live Musical Entertainment.  Dub Poetry and Crafts, Food Expo, Technical and Specialty booths.


EXHIBITION:  Booth Displays.  Arts and Crafts.  Food Expo. Specialty Booths 


EXPERIENTIAL:  Space Station, Healing Café and Hookah Lounge are all areas where attendees can   indulge in sacramental usage. 


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