The 13th annual staging of the Stepping High Ganja Festival lived up to its reputation as the best and longest running ganja festival in Jamaica. From ganja juice to a fashion show with hemp designs that could revival the Parisian cat walk, to the Oaksterdam “Ganja” University crew, King Lawyer’s ganja-infused pastrieswas a grand affair with a plethora of ganja products on sale and displayed.; to the best strains of ganja from the western end of the island; patrons were indeed “stepping high.”

What the event lacked in attendance was made up for with a brilliant production that highlighted the potential of Jamaica’s fledging cannabis industry and showcased a number of stellar reggae acts— Akaebeka (Vaughn Benjamin and the Midnite band), Nomadzz and King Fragrance backed by the Stepping High Band, to name a few.

Patrons were treated to an intimate setting which provided them with an opportunity to sample the offerings of vendors and farmers from all over Jamaica.  The “Best Buds” competition allowed local farmers to showcase their knowledge of the cannabis industry, with displays of “world class ganja,” where entrant Jack Emlet of the Bobo Shanti took the title.


Promoters and Producers of the Stepping High Festival promised that products would be organic, ital, and healthy, and they delivered.  Ganja and the bi-products which were on display were according to the Stepping High producers and promoters, free from “animal feces or chemicals.”  “Yes, really great ganja can be produced by the average Jamaican and right here in the “land of wood and water.”

So what’s next for the Stepping High Festival, which was forced underground for some eleven years because of draconian laws?  The producers and promoters can only keep us guessing and anticipating for more. One thing is certain, Stepping High has proven its relevance and its sustainability to an every growing ganja industry. Offering an avenue for local farmers, Rastafarians and music lovers to celebrate the herb, to recognise it as a sacrament, ever Stepping High.




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