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What to expect...Taking You Higher... 


Guiding Theme for 2019: "BE FREE"

Facilities: Health and Wellness, Reggae Music, Heritage, Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship




Stepping High features two full days of live musical entertainment from renown and upcoming artists, traditional food, arts and crafts, forums, discussions and an exhibition of some of the island's finest ganja strains and by-products as well as other traditional healing herbs. One of the main attractions at Stepping High is the ganja exhibition in Stepping High's Space Station. The Space Station is where the local farmers display their best ital grown ganja and vie for the title of  "Nation's Best" ital  grown ganja. The winner walks away with the coveted Stepping High trophy. 

Activities fall under four categories':  The four E's include Education, Entertainment, Exhibition, and  Experiential.  In 2019 we bring you new international partners providing global mass promotional opportunities.


 The two-day event begins March 1 & 2, 2019  taking place in two exotic locations.


Day -1 Stepping High Underground - a recreation of the underground experience. 


Day -2 -Stepping High into the light- on the shores of beautiful Cayenne Beach.



Stepping High showcases the most potentJamaican strains of ganja and natural healing herbs. The ganja and herbs exhibition promotes naturally grown herbs, without the use of chemicals in order to maintain high-quality standards. Farmers are encouraged to preserve and grow non GMO plants whether it be herbs or other food produce. Stepping High believes that sticking to the authentic and indigenous strains of plants will connect people to the power of nature and contribute to good health and longevity.  


Other exhibitions which are mounted all made in Jamaica! include:  ganja by-products; literature;  hand made arts such as stone and woodwork, sculptures, paintings; local cuisine (cooked and raw); natural beverages; roots drinks and wines; honey; clothing; jewellery and much more -


Music is an expression of beliefs, experiences and culture. Every artiste that performs at the Stepping High is carefully selected with rhythms that bring a positive and uplifting message.


Stepping High  is a melting pot of  musical talent featuring authentic Rastafarian music, and reggae from Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of the world, for a unique, cultural and musical experience. While the festival features well-known artistes, it also gives exposure to the music of young, and sometimes  less known talent. 




How do we create harmony among the various cultures, races and beliefs systems? Stepping High  is more than a ganja festival and musical extravaganza, it seeks to create a place, where  the Rastafarian culture as well as those of other nationalities can come together in harmony, "inity" and love.


Patrons will get an understanding and appreciation of Rastafarian, Jamaican and Caribbean culture through the food, arts, crafts, music and most importantly, the herbs.   


Day two of the festival provides an open forum where stimulating and thought provoking issues are discussed.



 Stepping High includes An exclusive area where people can endulge including Healing cafes,Space Station, and the Rastafari Sacamental

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"Had a great time last year at the festival...will definitely be coming again this year!" - Robert

"Thank you Stepping High for another superb party for those of us who enjoy the herb!!! See you next year....bigger and better!!!" - Fatty 


"I've been to allot of ganja events all over the world....this  is the real deal!" - Kieth Tucker