Stepping High Festival is a wellness and cultural event, authorized by the Minister of Justice as an exempt event. It is fully endorsed by the Jamaica Tourist Board. As the first and longest running herb festival in the Caribbean taking place since 2004. Stepping High Festival is one of Jamaica’s calendar events attracting visitors from all over the world. Tourists from as far as Israel, Singapore, Ghana, Germany, Spain and Japan attend the event as well as from neighbouring territories such as Trinidad and Tobago, Virgin Islands, Barbados and Bermuda among others, making Stepping High Festival the largest ganja festival in the region to date.

Today, Stepping High Festival offers two (2) days and nights of uplifting therapeutic vibrations, packaged with high quality entertainment and educational activities that contribute to its description as being "one of the most unique and authentic Jamaican experiences." Not only does Stepping High Festival showcase the finest strains of organic herbs produced and grown by Jamaican farmers, it also educates patrons about the variable uses.

Stepping High Festival began in West End, Negril as a private backyard event and for eleven years was underground. 

This is done through educational forums, panel discussions and workshops. Closing the 2 days of festivities is a musical extravaganza, boasting a line-up of renowned local and international reggae acts. value of Stepping High to its participants who return each year with their friends and family to Stepping High Festival creates a one of a kind, participate in its celebratory activities. authentic, Jamaican experience and a vibe of “oneness”, unity, friendships and sharing of Stepping High has been able to forge valuable different cultures. relationships between itself and its participants, meeting the needs of a niche, who visit the island primarily to attend this unique event.

Stepping High 2020

Launched in the tourist haven known as “the capital of casual,” participants of this year's festival will have the opportunity to experience the two sides of Negril’s landscape; the beach and sand off the Norman Manley Boulevard as well as the magnificent cliffs and green environment of the West End. The ambiance, blending with herbs, music and the positive uplifting vibes and mantras of Stepping High is the reason for annual organic growth.

The event is mystically and artfully designed by a natural process as a conduit to fulfill nature’s promise (organic growth; pun intended). The main highlight is the "healing of the nation herb exhibition," which has been magnetizing people for over 16 years from all over the world to attend and learn about Jamaica's ital herbs, a traditional cultivating Rasta standard being popularized by Stepping High. This is the aspect of the event which has given Stepping High much respect and rating as the leading exempt event in Jamaica.

Stepping High 2020 Event Consists of;

Top and upcoming reggae artists, along with musical bands, sounds, DJ’s and video sessions.

As one of Jamaica’s major celebrated Rastafari events you and have a chance to see, learn and explore an extensive part of the culture, while being entertained in a warm, family welcoming atmosphere.

Attendees (over 18) have the option to participate in judging, sampling and testing herbs entrees exhibited (exclusive).

VVIP Judges help to make the ultimate decision in selecting the best of Jamaica’s top herb and awarding the year’s top celebrity farmer.

Educational activities such as forums, panel discussions, expos and workshops.

A trade-show is also offered by community farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs who display and sell their crafts , arts and variable sumptuous food including holistic / local/ international *no meat cuisines.

Exhibitors, both internationally and local, are also invited to present specialty items, much of which are not available at regular stores.

The overall event lends to a mind, soul and body/holistic voyage.

Our Brand Awareness

Stepping High Festival is of social and economic benefit to the Negril community. Patrons attending the event support hotels and restaurants in the community. Over the past 16 years, Stepping High has generated over US$4,000,000 to the community. At a low estimate, an average attendance of 1000 patrons from outside the area, each attendee spends no less than US$400 in Negril over the two-day period.


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